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Dr. Geoffrey Goddu
Professor of Philosophy
Richmond Professorship
Goddu, Geoffrey (2005) Epistemic Contextualism and the Context of an Argument. The Uses of Argument: Proceedings of a Conferences at McMaster University, May 2005.
Goddu, Geoffrey (2003) Context and Argument Evaluation. Proceedings of the Fifth Conference of the International Society for the Study of Argumentation.

Goddu, Geoffrey (2004) Cogency and the validation of introduction. Argumentation: An International Journal on Reasoning, v.18.

Goddu, Geoffrey (2003) Against the 'Ordinary Summing' test for convergence. Informal Logic, v.23

Goddu, Geoffrey (2003) Time travel and changing the past. Ratio: An International Journal of Analytical Philosophy, v.16, March.

Goddu, Geoffrey (2002) The 'Most Important and Fundamental' distinction in logic? Informal Logic, v.22, Spring.

Ph.D., University of Massachusetts-Amherst
B.A., Hamilton College
Contact Information
401 Humanities Building
(804) 289-8733
(804) 287-6053 (Fax)
Areas of Expertise
Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
Philosophy in Science Fiction