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The Department of Philosophy offers a range of courses that explore fundamental questions and presuppositions. Philosophy courses form the cornerstone of a classical liberal arts education.

Faculty Highlights

  • von Platz Published

    Jeppe von Platz, assistant professor of philosophy, published the “Democratic Equality and the Justification of Welfare-State Capitalism” in the journal Ethics.

  • Von Platz published

    Jeppe von Platz, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, has published Theories of Distributive Justice: Who Gets What and Why through Routledge.

  • Shapiro New York Times Op-Ed

    Dr. Gary Shapiro published an op-ed on the meaning of Richmond's Confederate monuments in The New York Times.

  • McCormick Fellowship

    Dr. Miriam McCormick received a Philosophy of Hope and Optimism Fellowship from the Templeton Foundation in support of her proposed project, “The Ethics of Hope.”

  • Lefkowitz Fellowship

    Dr. David Lefkowitz will spend next academic year as an Ethics Fellow at the U.S. Naval Academy’s Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership.

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